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 Congrats to
Frank Campisi,
Our 2014 Winner

"Lunker  4 56 lb "

"Big Bag 15 60 lb.!! "

Who will win the 2015 Challenge?


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Did a cold front and early winter frost front shut the fishing down on Stumpfield?  
25 anglers hit the water hard in the early AM fog.
Dave Swimm lands a good lunker to clean up!Dave w/ Stumpfield lunker 
While winds kept anglers from big creels, Matt Titus cleans up!

Sunapee Lake Single Tourney Event

7:00am 3:00pm / TWO (2) fish limit

Tourney Entry Fee $25.00

Boat Launch will be at the State Park

Launch Fee $ 5.00

Park Entry Fee $ 5.00 per person

An awesome weather day and great turnout at Bare Hill Pond in Harvard, Ma.
It appears that Team Brabant is back on swing as they rallied and took 1st and 3rd place with Sid Harris clinching 2nd AND lunker!

Bare Hill Results
A 6.34 pound Lunker sets the pace for the day at the Nashua River Team tourney.
 Nashua River Groton Recap
 A reminder to all regarding the fees for our upcoming first event ( April 27th ).
As this is a team tournament, there will be the usual $80.00 per team entry along with the new $10.00 annual fee for each member.

ALSO..There is also the "optional" Big Bag/Lunker pool for an additional $20.00
To fish the first event will cost a minimum of $100 per boat.

As the BB/Lunker pool is not in place for team T's it will not be mandatory but Frank will accept payment from those wanting to get in.
We want ALL to be part of this;
 You need to enroll BEFORE the second tournament!

MVBM has instituted TWO new awards for the upcoming season.

To replace prior Angler of the Year award there will now be two new categories, a Big Bag of the Year award and a Lunker of the Year award.

The entry fee for the new program will be $20, which will be split between the two pots.
The angler weighing the largest "sack" caught during the 2014 season will win the title of Big Bag of the Year and the angler with the largest single fish will be named the Lunker of the Year winner. All total bag weights and individual fish caught during MVBM's non-team tournaments are eligible.

You may enter at any time, however only the fish caught after you have paid your entry fee will be considered.
Frank will be collecting the fees on tournament mornings and the leaders will be shown on the MVBM website.  Don't Miss Out!
Good luck!