Winnipesaukee Tournament results – June 26, 2020

Thirteen anglers trekked up to Winnipauskee for this single’s tournament.   With only a two fish limit via New Hampshire Fish and Game rules before July 1 it appears that most accomplished that as the average weight per bass hovered around two pounds. Results are listed below.   

Whitehall Reservoir Tournament results – June 11, 2022

Thirteen anglers participated in this single’s tournament at Whitehall Reservoir with more than half the field weighed in their limits.  Even though total weights didn’t make the ten pound marks it appears that fishing was plentiful. First place with a total weight of 9.50 lbs was Erik Savoia.  Lunker of the day went to Dave […]

Bare Hill Pond Team Tournament Results – May 22, 2022

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks but when you put these two together they surely learn from each other for some great results. That’s what happened in this tournament when long time members teamed up and lead the pack. Tracey Sabella and Theo Mylonas shared their skillsets to win this team tournament. […]

Bare Hill Tournament Results May 14, 2022

Bare Hill Pond, a historic club favorite never disappoints with the quality and quantity of bass caught here over the years.  The first of two Bare Hill Pond back-to-back tournaments saw eleven teams participate and all but one team came in with their eight fish limits.  Weather was quite cooperative with light winds, sunny, and […]

Nashua River 2022 Team Tournament Tournament Results

Holy-shamoley…… what happened? What has been, for a number of years… a sure win for the Team of the Brabant father and son team at the Nashua River I guess 2022 is the year of change. Not sure if Campisi got lucky or his partner Goss carried him once again…easy Campisi it’s just a pun…. […]

Squam Lake Team Tourney Results – Oct 23, 2021

The scheduled tournament series for the 2021 comes to and end with this team tournament held at Squam Lake. Ten teams participated in a brisk autumn day. Congratulations and a big thank you to all those who participated and work hard to keep MVBM an organization that exemplifies true sportsmanship in a competitive sport.  See […]

Crystal Lake Tournament Results – October 2, 2021

Gray and overcast, light breezes with air temps in the mid 50’s with light rain in the afternoon say 10 anglers attend this tournament. First place went to Brad Dekraai with his 5 fish bag weighing in at 12.12 lbs. Tourney lunkers of the day where Tim Carignan’s 4.46 lb largemouth and Bob Goss’s 3.95lb […]