Big Island Pond Team Tournament Results – May 2, 2010

Seven teams turned out for this team tournament at Big Island Pond.  The team of Bruce Waite and his wife Pam topped the field with their limit of four fish weighing in at 7.15 lbs.  Congratulations.

First Place: Bruce and Pam Waite
Lunker of the day:  John DiStefano with a 3.06 lb largemouth.

PlaceTeam# FishNet WeightLunkerLM / SMDOA
1Bruce Waite
Pam Waite
47.154/ 0
2Andy Tanguay
Jack Brooks
47.084 / 0
3Frank Campisi
Steve Newcomb
47.034 / 0
4John DiStefano
Alex Murray
47.013.063 / 1
5Sid Harris
Chris Harris
46.004 / 0
6Gary Balsamo
Ken Bergstrom
45.113 / 1
Total Fish: 265 / 2Penalties: 0

Ramp:  good ramp area. paved, good parking
Water: stained, not dirty. ave water temp 62 degrees.
Weeds: scattered development in places
Weather: light breeze, overcast in early AM, soft gray clouds most of the day. Temps started the day at around mid 60’s, later warming to high 80’s.