Nashua River Team Tournament Results 2014

Congratulations to the team of Frank Campisi and Ed Gauthier for their victory in the 2014 Nashua River Team Tournament. 14 teams participated in this event, some with good weights. First Place  Frank Campisi and Ed Gauthier Lunker of the day: Alex Murray and John DisStefano with a 3.90 lb largemouth  

Stumpfield Tournament 2014

Plenty of anglers showed up but the cold front and low temperatures kept the fish hunkered down in this one. 25 anglers attended but only 10 angler brought fish to the scales. Top weight was only 6.05 lbs. First Place: Ivan Sullivan Lunker: Dave Swimm, 4.26 lb largemouth  

Suncook Lake Team Tournament 2014

Ten teams entered the Suncook tournament on October 5, with a total of 32 fish caught. One lunker weighed in at a massive 8.20 lb largemouth by the team of Brad Dehraai and Jeff More. First Place:  Ryan and Jesse Jewett Lunker: Brad Dehraai and Jeff More; 8.20 largemouth     Ramp: Fair ramp area, fair parking […]

Big Island Pond Megabucks Tournament results 2014

Bob Goss

The team of Bob Goss and Bill Laurendo tooks this year’s first place at the Big Island Pond Megabucks team tournament with a total weight of 17.27.  Congratulations. First place:  Bob Goss and Bill Laurendo Lunker of the day: Derek Monson and Jack Armstrong with a 3.13 lb largemouth. DNW =  Did not weigh in. […]

Big Squam Lake Tournament Results – August 24, 2014

Frank Campisi out last the competition at Big Squam with a five fish creel weighing in at 11.65 lbs. Clear skies and and average temp of 85 degrees made for a good fishing day for some. First Place:  Frank Campisi Lunker of the day: ed Brabant Jr. with a 4.03 lb largemouth Ramp: double access […]

Waukewan Lake Tournament Results 2014

Twenty anglers attended the tournament at Waukewan and eleven brought fish to the scales. First Place: Jon Ducios Lunker: Jon Ducios with a 4.41 lb largemouth.   Ramp: single access for launch, parking on the street Water:  clear, avg water temp. 72 degrees weeds: very light in places Weather: sun and overcast. Avg air temp. […]

Lake Pawtuckaway 2014 results

A total of 28 anglers came out for this tournament.  With 86 fish caught it proved to be a good day for many. First Place: Frank Campisi Lunker:  Toed, Frank Campisi and Sid Harris  4.33 lb largemouth     Ramp: paved launch, dirt road, good parking facility Water: stained.  Avg, water temp 80 degrees Weeds: Scattered […]

Northwood Lake Tournament 2014 Results

Northwood Lake Tournament 2014 Results Matt Titus takes first place with his 11.88 bag.  Tough day on the water for most anglers as winds hit 15-20 mph.  Congratulations Matt. First Place:  Matt Titus Lunker of the day: Matt Titus with a 4.19 lb largemouth  

Lake Sunapee Tournament Results – June 22, 2014

Only eleven anglers attended the Sunappe Tournament and 7 anglers brought fish to the scales.  Congratulations to Frank Campisi on his first place finish and the lunker of the day with a 4.00 lb smallmouth. First Place:  Frank Campisi Linker:  Farnk Campisi, 4.00 lb smallmouth Ramp: single lane launch, good turnaround and parking Water: good […]