Stumpfield Team Tournament Results- Oct. 20, 2013

A chilly contest brought out 6 teams to compete on this day.  The team of Ivan Sullivan and Matt Titus took  this one with an eight fish creel weighing in at a hefty 21.38 lbs.  Lunker of the day was a 6.20 lb largemouth by the team of Murray and DiStefano. First Place:  Ivan Sullivan […]

Lake Wickwas Tournament Results – Oct. 13, 2013

Fifteen anglers competed at Lake Wickwas wile only ten anglers weighing in at the end of the day.  Matt Titus takes tops honors with his five feel creel with 130.4 lbs. His 5.11 lb largemouth also earned him the lunker of the day. First Place:  Matt Titus Lunker of the day: Matt Titus with a […]

Big Island Pond Megabucks Tournament Results – Sept. 15, 2013

Twenty anglers, creating ten teams participated in this year’s Big Island Pond Megabucks team tournament with plenty of fish brought to the scales. The team of Mike Welch and Barry Gaumond take first place with eight fish weighing in at 18.12 lbs.  Lunker was theirs as well with a 4.50 lb largemouth.  Congratulations to all […]

Waukewan Lake Tournament Results – August 18, 2013

Nine members attended this tournament and saw Alex Murray take first place with his five fish limit weighing in at 10.01 lbs. A smallmouth weighing in at 2.64 and caught by Chris Gallo took the lunker of the day honors. First Place: Alex Murray Lunker of the day: Chris Gallo with a 2.64 lb smallmouth. […]

Big Squam Lake Tournament Results – August 4, 2013

Bob Goss and nine other anglers braved the brisk winds on Big Squam Lake tournament trying to position their boats in their favorite fishing areas. Bob’s five fish weighing in at 10.85 lead the field and his 3.30 lb largemouth earned him the lunker of the day. First Place:  Bob Goss Lunker of the day:  Bob […]

Lake Pawtuckaway Tournament Results – July 24, 2013

Usually a hefty field of anglers when fishing Pawtuckaway however, this year’s event attracted only eight anglers but plenty of fish were caught.  Bog Goss tops the leader board in this one with five fish weighing in at 11.96 lbs including the lunker of the day with a 3.63 lb largemouth. First Place:  Bob Goss Lunker […]

Northwood Lake Tournament Results July 7, 2013

Thumbs up to Alex Murray taking first place with a total of 15.39 with five fish.  Congratulations. First Place:  Alex Murray Lunker of the day:  Alex Murray with a 4.17 lb largemouth.   Ramp: dirt access, adequate for launch, parking on street Water: stained, not dirty.  Avg water temp. 82 degrees Weeds: scattered development in […]

Pleasant Lake Tournament Results – June 23, 2013

A low turnout for this tournament despite the weather conditions. However, Matt Titus weighs in two fish for a total of 8.43 lbs. bringing two hefty bass to the scales. Matt also takes the lunker of the day with a 4.81 lb largemouth. First Place: matt Titus Lunker of the day: Matt Titus with a […]

Lake Massasecum Tournment – June 9, 2013

This was a paper tournament. Members were required to measure and record the length of their keeper fish and immediately release.  Thirteen members attended this tournament and most had their five fish limits for the day.  Jesse Jewitt measured in with a total length of 85.25 inches. First Place:  Jesse Jewett Lunker of the day: […]

Barehill Pond Tournament Results – May 19, 2013

With 14 anglers fishing Barehill all came it with their bag limits of five.  Ed Brabant Jr. topped the field with his 14.15 lbs taking first place.  Lunker of the day when to Bob Goss for his 4.12 lb largemouth. Good day of fishing for all who attended. First Place: Ed Brabant Jr. Lunker of the day: […]