Lake Wickwas Tournament results – Oct 19, 2019

Pretty tough day looking at the score sheet. Strong winds, sunny in the low 50’s made it for a difficult day fishing. Sixteen anglers participated in this tournament at the popular Lake Wickwas in Meredith NH. Long time and returning member Theo Mylonas shows he’s still competitive after a long absents and takes first place weighing in only 2 fish totaling 9.95 lbs. Included in his weigh was the lunker of the day with a 6.55 lb largemouth. Congratulations Theo.

Winnepesaukee Team Tournament Results Oct 12, 2019

The team tournament at Lake Winnepesaukee saw eleven teams participate. With temps in the low 50’s and winds gusting up to 20 mph it made fishing a little tough. 10 teams brought fish to the scales as the team Goss and Campisi take first place in this one. Lunker, a 3.67 lb largemouth wen to the team of Sullivan and Pomerleau.

Squam Lake Tournament Results – October 5, 2019

You can tell the season is winding down when you start off the morning with temperatures in the low 30’s. Fifteen anglers came out for this single’s tournament while only 7 anglers had fish in their live wells by the end of the day. Temperatures hit a high in the mid 50’s with a brisk wind making the hunt difficult. Congratulations to John Duclas with his 13.96 lb win and scoring on the lunker of the day with a 4.57 lb largemouth as well.

Lake Massasecum Tournament Results – Sept. 22, 2019

Sixteen angler participated in this singles tournament at Lake Massasecum in Bradford NH. It appears from the final tallies that most anglers worked hard to get fish to the scales on this one. Congratulations to Bob Goss on his first place finish and Mike Doherty bringing in the bunker of the day.

Lake Pawtuckaway Tournament Results – August 2019

Anglers gathers to yet another favorite fishing hole at Lake Pawtuckaway in Raymond New Hampshire. 22 Anglers came out for this with only 9 anglers bagging their five fish limits. First place one to Garrett MaClean while the lunker of the day went to Eric Savoia with a 4.39 lb largemouth.

Northwood Lake Tournament Results – August 11, 2019

Twenty-Four anglers attended this favorite tournament location with 17 anglers weighing in at the end of the day. With sunny skies and gusty winds at times the overall weights were lower than usual. Eric Savoia, with a total weight of 11.95 lbs takes first place including the lunker of the day with a 4.39 lb largemouth.

2019 Megabucks Tournament Results -July 28, 2019

The father and son duo does it again in the club’s annual Megabuck team tournament held this year at Pawtuckaway. 12 teams participated in this one as all but one team reached the eight fish creel limit. With a total of 19.50 lbs the Brabants inched there way to first place over the team of Radil and Doherty. Lunker of the day was a 4.12 lb largemouth caught by the team of Dekraai and Moore. Congratulations to all who participated and braved the heat.

Wickwas Lake – Tournament Results – July 14, 2019

Congratulations to the Duclos Father and Son duo on their win in this team tournament. Gusty winds at times blew boaters around but most found their spots to bring fish aboard. With only a 2.80 lb large mouth taking the lunker of the day it was more than enough to help the Duclos’s win this one.

Lake Waukewan Tournament Results – June 30, 2019

With this tournament being only a 2 fish creel most angers walked away with their limits. The first three finishers each weighed in a 4+ lbs bass. Congrats to Ed Brabant Jr for topping the leader board with a 4.79lb creel. Jeff Moore however took the lunker of the day with at 4.94lb largmouth.

Shirley Reservoir Tournament Results – June 9, 2019

Hey Brad… congratulations on your win. 26 anglers turned out on this sunny day to compete at Shirley Reservoir and with over 82 bass caught looks like most had a good day fishing. Eric Savoia takes home the lunker of the day with a 3.18lb largemouth…congrats! Only down point off the day was those pesky jet skiers.