Shirley Reservoir – June 27, 2009 Results

A low turnout of anglers turned this tournament into a team tournament and a single payout.  The fish were sluggish as the lake had a milfoil treatment the week prior.  Only six anglers attended making this a three team event.  John DiStefano and Sid Harris weighed in with the winning bag at 8.11 lbs and taking the lunker with a 2.25 lb largemouth.

Note Due to the small turnout, it was decided to make this event a team tourney with single team payout.  
Ramp fair condition, easy launch and load (note, fee was raised to $8.00 as compared to the $7.00 we were quoted)  

stained,, avg. temp 74 degrees        
Weeds Lake was “treated” on June 22 for milfoil.  It caused fishing to be a bit sluggish. Still moderate weed growth in areas.
Weather Clear skies, occaional cloud cover. Mid-80’s.  Hot with not air movement.  
  It had rained the prior 5 days.  
NOTE: Local jet skiiers were very reckless and have no obvious note of proper boating/ operational ethics.


Sid Harris – Shirley Reservoir – June 27, 2009