Big Island Pond Megabucks Tournament Results – Sept. 23, 2012

Six teams participated in this year’s Big Island Pond Megabucks tournament.  Topping the field was the team of Brabant and Brabant with an eight fish limit tipping the scales at 16.70. Congratulations to the winners.

First Place:  Brabant and Brabant
Lunker of the day:  Team Brabant with a 4.03 lb largemouth.

PlaceTeam# FishNet WeightLunkerLM / SMDOA
1Ed Brabant III
Ed Brabant Jr.
816.704.038 / 0
2Bob Goss
Frank Campisi
813.418 / 0
3Mike welch
Barry Gaumond
811.038 / 0
4Bruce Waite
Paul Hatin
89.747 / 1
5Andy Tanguay
Jack Brooks
89.694 / 4
6Ivan Sullivan
John DiStefano
88.555 / 3
Total Fish: 40 / 8Penalties: 0

Ramp: acceptable access/ramp
Water: stained,not dirty, average water temp 65-68 degrees.
weeds: scattered development in places.
Weather: Blue skies throughout the day. Ait temp ranged from mid 60’s to low 70’s.  25 mph gusts all day.