Merrimack River Hookset – September 13, 2009 Results

Six anglers attended this tournament with only two anglers bringing fish to the scale.  Barry Gaumond and Gary Balsamo are the only anglers who hooked up.

First Place:  Barry Gaumond
Lunker of the Day: Barry Gaumond – 2.01 lb smallmouth

PlaceMember# FishWeightLunkerLM / SMDOA (- 2 oz)
1Barry Gaumond23.12.10 / 2
2Gary Balsamo21.090 / 2- 02 oz
Andy Tanguay
Bruce Waite
Jack Brooks
John DiStefano
Total # Fish0 / 4

Ramp:  Good condition, adequate parking
Water: Stained but not dirty.  Temp: 63-68 degrees
Weeds:  No weeds visible
Weather: Some wind, slight overcast in early am with mostly clear skies. Ave temp 63 in am, 78-80 mid day
Water Level: Down but not too considerable.  Drawn down approx 3 feet.
Boat Traffic: Minimal