Nashua River – May 10, 2009 Results

At the Nashua River in Nashua eleven anglers came out to fish this popular fishing hole.  A chilly tournament throughout the day with air temperatures hover around the low 40s.

First Place:  Alex Murray
Lunker of the day: Alex Murray – 3.02 lb largemouth

PlaceMember# FishWeightLunkerLM / SMDOA (-2oz)
1Alex Murray58.023.025 / 0
2Ed Brabant Jr.57.122.085 / 0
3Andy Tanguay57.115 / 0
4Ed Brabant III56.065 / 0
5Matt Woodsum34.143 / 0
6Bob Goss23.082 / 0
7Frank Campisi11.151 / 0
8Jack Brooks11.021 / 0
John DiStefano0
Ivan Sullivan0
Ed Toscano0
Total # Fish27 / 0
Ramp fair condition, Gravel, easy launch and load, limited immediate parking, plenty just a short walk away  
Water stained, avg. temp 48 degrees moderate current.         
  Water level was good and high when we launched BUT had drawn down approx. 8 + inches by the time we ended
Weeds sparse            
Weather mid 30’s – to high of 40 is(cold), blue skies with occasional passing clouds,  moderate to strong wind at times.