Nashua River Team Tournament – May 1, 2011

Six teams participated in the Nashua River competing for first place.  The team of Goss and Campisi takes first place with a total weight of 9.02 lbs.

First place: Goss and Campisi
Lunker of the day:  Goss and Campisi with a 3.12 lb largemouth.

PlaceTeam# FishNet WeightLunkerLM / SMDOA
1Bob Goss
Frank Campisi
49.23.124 / 0
2Ed Brabant III
Ed Brabant Jr.
47.84 / 0
3Andy Tanguay
Jack Brooks
33.323 / 0
4Paul Grages
Miek Grages
23.152 / 0
5Alex Murray
John DiStefano
11.751 / 0
6Matt woodsum
Ivan Sullivan
21.22 / 0
Total Fish: 16 / 0Penalties: 0

Ramp: fair ramp area, dirt, fair immediate parking
Water: stained, not dirty, average. temp 63-65 degrees
Weeds: scattered development in places, not bad
Weather: Blue sky, soft gray clouds most of the day.  Air temp ranged from 50 to mid 50’s.  Brisk winds all day.