Wickwaus Lake Tournament Results – August 7, 2022

Wickwaus Lake, another MVBM annual favorite saw only ten anglers come out for this single’s tournament.  Whether anglers were on vacation or the oppressive heat of days earlier fishing appeared to be slow in this one.  Brian Norton topped the leaderboard with his five fish creel with a total weight of 13.80 lbs while taking the largemouth bass lunker with a 3.65 lber.  Dan Smith took the smallmouth lunker with a 1.89 Uber.
Off to the next one. Where’s the summer going?

PlaceName# FishNet weightDOA Net WeightLunkerLMSM
1Brian Norton513.8013.803.65 LM41
2Frank Campisi59.159.1541
3Robert Kelley49.079.0740
4Dana Ursillo58.268.2650
5Jon Duclos Jr58.208.2050
6Tracey Sabella57.837.8341
7Mike Doherty35.295.2930
8Dan Smith45.325.321.89 SM31
9John DiStefanoDNW
10Matt TitusDNW

Tourney Lunkers

Brian Norton  3.65 lb Largemouth – Dan Smith 1.89 lb Smallmouth

Ramp: single paved road access for launch, parking on street
Water: 85°, stained
Weeds: good weed growth and cover
Weather: high humidity, 95° temperature noon rain and windy