Barehill Pond – May 17, 2009 Results

Frank Campisi, Sid Harris and Bob Goss take top position at the Barehill tournament held on May 17.  Frank leads the pack with a 16.70 lb finish and weighs the lunker of the day with a  4.12 lb largemouth.

First Place: Frank Campisi
Lunk of the day: Frank Campisi, 4.12 lb largemouth

Ramp: Wide Beach area for 2-3 to launch at a time (as long as locals w/ kayaks are not sitting talking)

Water: stained but not dirty. Temp was 65-67

Weeds: scattered development in places, not bad

Weather: some wind, overcast in early am with steady rain till approx 11-12:00.  This gave way to winds with some minor breaks.  Temp ranged from 59 to 66


Frank Campus
John DiStefano, Barehill 2009
Bob Goss – Barehill Pond – 2009