Squam Lake Team Tournament Results- October 22, 2022

A cold day in the morning, 37 degrees at launch but once the sun burned off the morning fog, temp started to climb into the 40’s, 50;s and eventually 66 degrees to make a beautiful fall day.  Too bad the fish didn’t want to enjoy it as everyone agreed it was a tough day ( although as the recap shows, some found the magic trick)Congratulations to the wining team of Been / Cariganan.   FYI, this event marked the end of the 2022 season.

PlaceTeam# FishNet WeightLunkerLMSMDOA (-0.8 oz )
1Phil Breen
Tim Carignan
818.842.68 SM17
2John Duclos
Jon Duclos Sr
818.202.58 SM08
3Jim Parcadi
Tim Germain
816.082.83 SM17
4Brad Dekraai
Jeff Moore
511.822.63 SM05
5Bob Goss
Frank Campisi
611.432.53 SM24
6Matt Titus
Dana Ursillo
36.594.24 LM30
7Mike Doherty
John DiStefano
12.012.01 SM01
8Mike Keller
Mark Strassel
9Eric Savoia
Adrian Santan


Tourney Lunkers
Titus / Ursillo  4.24 lv largemouth – Picardi / Germain  2.83 lb smallmouth

Ramp: good ramp area
Water: clear, 52–5 6° degrees  
Weeds: light space 
Weather: clear and sunny light winds at time morning temp 36°